At Ridgeway, the Communications Department supports the church and serves as the “voice” to the congregation and the public. Communications efforts are carefully curated to spread the word of Christ and the message of Ridgeway: to respond to Memphis, and to the world.

The Communications Department supports the following departments, offices, and ministries:

  • Office of the Pastor

  • Children’s Ministry

  • Student Ministry

  • Music Ministry

  • Recreation Ministry

  • Senior Adult Ministry

The Communications Department does not support:

  • Individuals requests from the congregation

  • Requests not related to the ministry of, or an official ministry of Ridgeway


  • The Communications Department reserves the right to refuse your request.

  • LEAD TIMES. All requests except Bulletin Submissions must be submitted with 4 weeks lead time. See below for more information. All requests advertising events (banquets, student events, etc.) must be submitted at least 7 weeks before the day of the event (4 weeks lead time, 3 weeks advertising for maximum exposure).

    • All requests (except Bulletin Submissions) must be submitted with four (4) weeks lead time. Requests submitted with less than four weeks lead time may not be completed by the requested date for use.

    • Bulletin Submissions must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Holiday week submissions must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. Bulletin Submissions submitted later will not be published in the bulletin.

      • Exact wording of Bulletin Submissions may not be published in the bulletin. We are limited on space. Please keep requests as clear, complete, and direct as possible.

      • Bulletin Submissions must be for church-wide events or announcements. Team and committee meetings will not be published.

  • All paper, email, or phone requests will be refused.

  • Emails supporting requests will be refused. Submit documents within your request.

  • Designs take into consideration brand standardization, and designs may not reflect requested design style.

  • Print designs bearing the Ridgeway brand (or name) must be completed in-house. Do not print your own materials and the Communications department will not provide files for print.

Revised December 17, 2019

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