About Ridgeway Cares

Contribute to missionaries through our annual missions offering (goal: $50,000). Give sacrificially, pray about an amount and joyfully bring your “over and above the tithe” contribution by Sunday, December 18.

Ask God to reveal to you your mission field, to bless a specific missionary and/or people group and to give wisdom to the mission agencies with whom we are affiliated.

Revitalize Ridgeway through your faithfulness in prayer and church attendance.  If you only chose one thing to do during this campaign, this would be it!

Evangelize through Saturation Evangelism, on Sundays in October, and in your personal interactions with people who need Jesus!

Serve your Lord Jesus at Ridgeway. Sign up to serve in a ministry. Rely on The Holy Spirit. Remember, the light that shines the farthest shines the brightest at home.


Ridgeway Cares Events

Saturation Evangelism

Operation Christmas Child Begins

Balmoral-Ridgeway Elementary Outreach

901 Sundays

A Night of Thanks

Sundays in October

October 13

October 21

November 10, 17

November 12