2020 focus



In 2020, Ridgeway is focusing on being Christ's church in three ways

By being a Pure Church.

  • I will consecrate self and seek accountability.
  • We will (Ridgeway) practice meaningful and biblical, covenant membership that actively and lovingly confronts public sin while always seeking restoration with individuals.

By being a Simple Church.

  • I will share the simple gospel with someone every month, and I will simplify my life in order to prioritize my personal spiritual growth and my church's growth.
  • We will (Ridgeway) keep the pathway of discipleship simple at Ridgeway through an atmosphere that promotes mentoring and a program of equipping disciples.

By being a Vibrant Church.

  • I will read my Bible and pray daily. 
  • I will be faithful to not forsake the assembling of my church.
  • I will serve on a ministry team.
  • We will (Ridgeway) celebrate the most over souls and spiritual breakthroughs.

100 days of focus

In addition to the vision for 2020, we have kicked off 100 Days of Focus. During this time, participants will read through the Bible in 100 days.

View the full plan here.