Every Fall and Spring Ridgeway University (RU) kicks off a new set of courses designed to help equip disciples of Jesus Christ.   RU runs for an 8-week periods. In developing the curriculum, we must be concerned about equipping disciples. While anyone is welcome in any class, some classes are pre-requisites for others. 

100 level courses are introductory to both Ridgeway Baptist Church and the Christian life. 

200 level courses are “core” and therefore prerequisite to any advanced (400 level) classes. Also, within any category, we are now asking that course numbers having a zero in the middle be taken before those not having a zero. For example, it only makes sense for someone to have a strong handle on basic doctrine before being trained to mentor someone else. Hence, they should take The Baptist Faith and Message prior to taking Making Disciples through Mentoring.  If you are “out of order” already, do not worry; go back and get any core and/or prerequisite classes.

Our fall kick-off will begin in September.